onsdag den 30. august 2017

Fantasticon 2017 - Programmet er klart

Så lægger programmet til årets Fantasticon klart, og som ventet så er der mange punkter på programmet der omhandler Lovecraft

Fredag 16:00, lille lokale
Panel: Hvem var H.P. Lovecraft?
Introduktion til H.P. Lovecraft og hans forfatterskab.
Flemming Rasch, Henrik Harksen

Fredag 19:00, lille lokale
Foredrag: On Lovecraft’s Lifelong Relationship with Wonder
Jan B. W. Pedersen

Fredag 20:00, lille lokale
Panel: H.P. Lovecraft: Hack or genious?
Lovecraft imitated other writers like Adgar Allan Poe and Lord Dunsany. Later in his career he tried to devolop his own style. But was he actually a brilliant writer or just a hack pulp fiction writer who had a few interesting ideas about the horror genre?
Nina Allan, Henrik Harksen, Flemming Rasch

Lørdag 12:00, lille lokale
Panel: H.P. Lovecraft in other medias
Henrik Harksen, Flemming Rasch

Lørdag 16:00, store lokale
Panel: The controversial mr. Lovecraft
H.P. Lovecraft was a very strange man. He believed in rationality and science, yet he wrote stories about strange fantastical worlds and creatures. According to his friends he was a very nice man, but he believed in some very bad theories about his fellow human beings. He hardly ever had a woman appear in his stories, yet he was married to one for several years. The panel will try to make sense of what we know about mr. Lovecraft.
Nina Allan, Dennis J. Rosenfeld, Henrik Harksen

Lørdag 18:00, store lokale
Panel: H.P. Lovecraft in games
Mads Brynnum, Paul Hartvigson, Flemming Rasch